Saturday 6 March 2021

Fungooms What's coming in 2021

Many of you will have noticed that most of the Fungooms classic games don't work any more. This is because Flash is no longer supported. I apologise for the interruption in your fun, but I've had very limited time to devote to maintaining the old games.

I'm now in the process of creating a whole range of new games, and more up-to-date versions of the best of the older ones.

I'm also creating a new spin-off site which will have a whole new load of fresh new games based around new characters. Can't say much about it now, but you are going to love it!!

For everyone still playing my games, thank you! Hopefully you'll see lots of exciting new things soon

Monday 17 June 2013

I can hear thunder rolling in over the sea so I'll write this quickly before lightning takes our power out!

Very busy at the moment between writing new stories, designing new games and characters, making the apps etc.

This website is under construction, but we have put readable versions of our animated stories up here

Fungooms Story Books Online

These are optimised to be viewed on desktop, laptop or tablet. Some of the books don't quite work and we need to do a bit of rewriting and editing.

Then, sometime soon, we'll be able to put more books up here, some of which will be exclusive to this site and won't be based on animated stories.

One day, if we ever make any money from this, it would be great to hire some help to produce more animated stories, and maybe even proper episodes for a dvd. You really are only seeing a glimpse into the Fungooms world, I hope to be able to share more soon!


Thursday 21 March 2013


Wow, almost a year since my last post here! That doesn't mean we haven't been busy though. I'm currently locked up in the attic making iPad versions of Fungooms and my wife Hilary has taken time off from watching Poirot to knit Fungooms toys. (actually, she still watches Poirot while she's knitting)

Next month we'll be selling these (very limited) toys in our new Fungoom shop. The knitting patterns will also be available to buy as pdf downloads. We'll also have Fungooms music CDs available and also a mixture of free and budget apps for iPad.

Hilary made Bodmin, Looe and Beeny toys last year as prizes to give away as part of a Kickstarter campaign. She has since improved the designs and also made variations to come up with a new Fungoom called Cubert. Here's some piccies of him...

I'll post some more pics up here soon...

Tuesday 27 March 2012

"Website Of The Month", Junior Magazine

Here is a great review of The Fungooms, taken from Junior Magazine, January 2012:

"Simple, satisfying and ever-so-slightly surreal, The Fungooms is a charming and subtly educational website that aims to encourage young children and their parents to surf the web together. The Fungooms themselves are an eccentric collection of characters with individual hobbies that children can participate in, or simply sit back and watch them unfold while listening to a soothing soundtrack. Help green-fingered Papa Polperro tend to his garden, assist arty Gumpa in a series of creative pursuits, or simply relax in Mena's snug while a picture book rolls across the screen. Games are purposely designed to engage, but not over-stimulate, young web surfers, while the lack of text ensures that the site is internationally accessible and has attracted many young followers from far-flung corners of the globe."

Thankyou Junior Magazine!

Thursday 22 December 2011

Nearly There...

My very lovely friend Susie is coming all the way from her icy lair in Findhorn to stay with us for a few days. She is the lady who does the naration on the Fungooms stories, the third of which is almost ready and just needs the vocal track, music and sound effects done. And when that's done we'll be able to move on to making some more mini games!

Wednesday 14 December 2011

Hello World!

Hi and welcome to the new Fungooms Blog. The world probably doesn't need any more blogs, but since it's release last year, The Fungooms has been surprisingly successful and receives many visitors every day and I get many questions about the site from parents so I will try and post useful info here, just as soon as I have worked out how blogs actually work!

Now, normal people add updates to their blogs with some sort of chronological logic, but I have a very non linear brain, so I apologise in advance for any randomness.