Monday 17 June 2013

I can hear thunder rolling in over the sea so I'll write this quickly before lightning takes our power out!

Very busy at the moment between writing new stories, designing new games and characters, making the apps etc.

This website is under construction, but we have put readable versions of our animated stories up here

Fungooms Story Books Online

These are optimised to be viewed on desktop, laptop or tablet. Some of the books don't quite work and we need to do a bit of rewriting and editing.

Then, sometime soon, we'll be able to put more books up here, some of which will be exclusive to this site and won't be based on animated stories.

One day, if we ever make any money from this, it would be great to hire some help to produce more animated stories, and maybe even proper episodes for a dvd. You really are only seeing a glimpse into the Fungooms world, I hope to be able to share more soon!